Performance Training

Are you an athlete looking for a secret weapon? At the Movement Project we understand the complexities of improving performance and how important it is to incorporate intelligent training. Athletes begin with a comprehensive Movement Assessment. From there, we focus on training specifically to enhance your performance, catering our training for your individual sport. Here’s what our sessions offer you:

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Corrective Exercise

Do you suffer from movement limitations and/or discomfort that is keeping you from doing the things that you love? Come visit us for a movement assessment! Together we can problem solve your body and get you back to doing what you love.

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Online Coaching

Are looking for expert coaching and movement education that will teach you how to move well and keep you feeling great? Our online coaching option just what you need! Whether you are an athlete at heart or just want to optimize your health and fitness we can help you. Our alternative approach is progressive, effective and fun!

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We are Movement Specialists, offering the most progressive and advanced training and movement education in the area.

Here is what The Movement Project offers:

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Taylor Kruse provides a unique blend of “traditional” training practices, and completely authentic and innovative methods that produce amazing results safely.  Taylor is constantly pushing the bar personally and professionally to offer his clients a fitness and training experience like no other.  As a peer and training partner, Taylor has helped me expand my own philosophies on training, and I look forward to collaborating with him for years to come.  You have to experience a session with Taylor to really see what’s possible with fitness.

David Jack

Advisor - Reebok & Mens Health

I wanted to take a minute to thank and recognize Taylor (and Alisha!) for their work with my 13 yo son. He is a boy who loves sports…any game involving a ball – throwing, catching, hitting, dribbling – and he’s in. He’s very healthy (thank God) but does have some physical/structural issues that make running fast and coordinating certain moves difficult. We’ve tried PT and all the traditional sports- oriented strength training, but the approach of Taylor and The Movement Project is the first one that is showing results. Their unique and tailored approach addresses the underlying issues and focuses on things that traditional sports training completely miss. He leaves each session so charged up and motivated because he can see the results of the training right fact at the end of each session, he usually does a move better or differently than he did at the beginning of the same session. Taylor has formed a relationship with him too and his personality and approach is just amazing. I can’t recommend him any higher…he is quality through and through – as a professional, a trainer and as a person.

Beth Hyer Roy

Mom and Entrepreneur

Taylor Kruse is very knowledgeable Master Instructor of the Burdenko Method. After many years practicing the Burdenko Method for himself, he developed outstanding skills to deliver his knowledge and talent to trainees. His enthusiasm and level of fitness inspires many of his students to go to the next level in their performance. Taylor is a great leader and innovator for the fitness and wellness industry.

Igor Burdenko, PhD

Founder & President - The Burdenko Method

As a parent of a high school athlete I could not ask for more support and guidance for my daughter than what Taylor and Alisha’s Movement Project offers.

Within weeks of working with Taylor and Alisha, Meredith became pain free after months of trying to find a solution. Two years later she remains injury free while gaining tremendous strength, flexibility, endurance, speed and nutritional support.

Taylor and Alisha don’t just offer a workout they teach their athletes to train, stretch, recover and fuel their bodies properly.   Meredith now understands how the body is intended to perform exercises and the need for attention to detail when “working out.”

The training continues outside the gym – Meredith has an individualized Movement Project routine for at home. I will find Meredith taking breaks from studying to complete the routine as a way to reenergize and focus.

Meredith is learning life long skills – how to advocate for, care for, nourish and appreciate her body.

When those occasional walls go up and as a parent you can’t break through, Taylor and Alisha can! For example, I shared my concern that Meredith was not fueling her body for what she was expecting of it. Well, following the next session Meredith was all in on what to eat and drink pre and post workout.

Taylor and Alisha are fabulous in communicating their goals, aspirations and plans for Meredith’s continued growth. As a family we are so thrilled that Meredith is involved with The Movement Project!

Debra Block

Entrepreneur - Divorce Coach & Mother of Student Athlete