Sport-Specific Training

Oftentimes, profoundly improving your skill as an athlete comes down to a minor adjustment to technique. We’ve all had coaches say – keep your elbow in, push more through your right leg, stop kicking your leg wide when you run, keep your knees in, ¬†or why can’t you arch your back just a little bit more? We have drills that target your performance needs like a sniper.

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Personal Training

We specialize in working with people who are frustrated with their current exercise program, either because they are struggling with pain or injury or because they have hit a performance plateau. The results we provide are so immediately measurable that individuals leave the first session realizing they can actually set their goals much higher. We offer flexible, custom training programs that allow for each individual to build a program that fits their busy schedule and is cost effective.

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We specialize in:


We offer an exclusive training opportunity that is guided by detailed assessments and resulting in top notch performance results.

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Why People Find Us:

At TMP, we specialize in working with people who typically fall through the cracks when it comes to full rehabilitation from injury or pain.

Did you know that you can be too healthy to receive help from traditional healthcare practices?

We see many people that do not have a diagnosable injury but have pain that keeps them from performing at their best.

We train athletes that have finished rehab on injuries like ACL tears, nerve impingements, disc herniations, or unexplained pain and have a gap between their rehabilitated state and the current training demands of their sport.

We help close that gap so that they can truly complete their rehab!

Additionally, we see people with pretty complex health histories that would normally not feel safe with the average personal trainer – using tools to help them improve their quality of life in ways they didn’t know were possible!