i can run faster when I'm being chased

This is exactly why fitness or training needs to include external goals or targets!

Yesterday, we were teaching a movement workshop introducing some new ideas and concepts to martial artists. Many of the drills I taught emphasized the idea that our brain will perform better when given external goals. There is also a greater opportunity for learning. We did a lot of integrated drills that provided visual, vestibular and…
you haven't received help cuz you're not sick or broken enough yet

What do you do when you’re not sick or broken enough yet?

#TMPtipoftheday: Approximately 33% of traditional neurologic consults result in a medical diagnosis of “functional neurologic deficits.” This means they are suffering from issues that have no identifiable cause. They are not broken enough according to standard guidelines. People who suffer from undetected disorders are often told they are normal, despite feeling horrible. This example is…
k.d. use the brain to fix the body

Use the brain to fix the body – a testimony on effecting Asthma

#TMPATHLETES:   Use the brain to fix the body. There is so much going on in this video: Assisted contractile mapping for very specific muscles that speak to the cerebellum and vestibular system Bone conduction head phones for additional vestibular stimulus Juggling for integrating hand/eye coordination, vision and vestibular skills. At TMP we teach you…
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