you have to be fit to think

Movement is the secret to mental clarity

#TMPtipoftheday: Want to think better and feel better? Movement is the secret. By design. The brain is the governing system mediating all aspects of our health. It relies on fuel and activation. Both of these things come from movement. We must be fit to think!     Follow us: on Instagram for more health and…
movement is the window into the brain

A pull up is not just a pull up

#TMPtipoftheday: “Movement is the window into the brain.” Some strong words presented by Dr. Cobb this past week at Zhealth Performance’s 9s Structure course. At TMP, a lunge is not just a lunge. A pull up is not just a pull up. We are watching closely.         Follow us: on Instagram for…
you haven't received help cuz you're not sick or broken enough yet

What do you do when you’re not sick or broken enough yet?

#TMPtipoftheday: Approximately 33% of traditional neurologic consults result in a medical diagnosis of “functional neurologic deficits.” This means they are suffering from issues that have no identifiable cause. They are not broken enough according to standard guidelines. People who suffer from undetected disorders are often told they are normal, despite feeling horrible. This example is…
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