tom and taylor

What makes TMP so unique?

#TMPATHLETES: We focus on the things that you can’t necessarily see that might be holding you back from your health and fitness goals. Working on the small things that create the big things. Check out the video for a glimpse into what makes TMP so unique.     Follow us: on Instagram for more health and fitness…
tom barbeau

Meet Taylor’s Mentor: Tom Barbeau

#barbeautrained: Back in the old stomping grounds. Revisiting legendary workouts with my mentor, Tom Barbeau. The dude is 61 years old today and you can see his abs through his Tshirt! This is the place and the man that started my journey. Back in 2001 I took his class called The Burdenko Method. Someone told…
max strength comes from circles

Strength is found in circles, not linear movement

#TMPATHLETES:   Linear strength is limited. Circular strength is infinite. You haven’t felt true strength until you’ve put your hands on someone who owns it in a perfect circle from all positions. See video for demo of circular strength. ▪️Health ▪️Performance ▪️Education     Follow us: on Instagram for more health and fitness educational tips.
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