vision. vestibular. proprioception

These 3 systems are key to understanding performance training

#TMPtipoftheday:   The process of developing better health and performance is the process of becoming better at PREDICTING. What’s this guy rambling about now!? Your brain is always asking one question – Is this really safe!? The way it determines the answer is by evaluating the information coming in from its 3 major “satellites:” The…
max strength comes from circles

Strength is found in circles, not linear movement

#TMPATHLETES:   Linear strength is limited. Circular strength is infinite. You haven’t felt true strength until you’ve put your hands on someone who owns it in a perfect circle from all positions. See video for demo of circular strength. ▪️Health ▪️Performance ▪️Education     Follow us: on Instagram for more health and fitness educational tips.
sweet spot. diminishing returns. harmful dose

Did you know that you can be under-dosed or over-dosed with exercise?

#TMPtipoftheday:   Did you know that exercise and it’s results are dose-dependent? And, that not everyone responds equally to the same exercise. Exercise can be under-dosed or over-dosed very easily! The sensitivity of this concept is based on the persons health and their movement capabilities. A few years ago while taking Zhealth Performance’s course, Essentials…
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