Softness is the key to athletic excellence

Instagram Tip of the Day:   Softness is efficiency. Softness shows you the best way out. Softness feels like a tidal wave of power to the opponent. Softness is unpredictable. Softness gives you longevity. Softness is a skill and it can be trained. Stay soft folks.       Follow us: on Instagram for more…

One big reason to never stop learning

Instagram Tip of the Day:   “I believe that you are a mystery and the human design deserves that.” ~Dr. Eric Cobb, Zhealth Performance Solutions. The complexity of the nervous system is beyond our understanding. It causes people to go back to the only way of thinking they know because it’s comfortable and less threatening.…

What an assessment could mean for your success

Instagram Tip of the Day: You deserve an assessment! At TMP, people usually find us after they have tried lots of other things that didn’t satisfy their needs. So, I am accustomed to hearing about people’s experiences with other stuff. The one thing that stands out to me over and over again is how much…
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