What is visceral pain and what does it act like?

Instagram Tip of the Day: What is your Visceral System? Think organs! “The viscera do not have a dedicated pain pathway to the brain. They share sensory neurons with sensory pathways that carry information from the skin and muscles to the brain. This often results in visceral pain being interpreted as skin or muscle pain.”…

Did you know you can get good at being in pain?

Instagram Tip of the Day:   A reminder from today’s Tphase lecture with Zhealth Performance Solutions. Your brain, over time, will get better at whatever it does! Even if it’s not good! “The more severe pain is, the longer it persists and the more likely it is to see the person develop chronic central windup.…

How to keep your brain involved during exercise

Instagram Tip of the Day:   Two game changer principles for improving health and performance! Make Your Brain Feel Safe Make Your Brain Pay Attention How do you know if you are achieving this? We teach all of our clients various ways to self-assess their exercise. Start simple – measure a range of motion before…
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