ACL recovery training for football player

TMP ACL Recovery Training for Football Player

TMPATHLETES:   Adding layers of complexity for this football player and his recovery from ACL repair. Oftentimes, recovery is unfinished and the athlete is left with a very high risk of repeating injury. Integrating visual skills with high levels of multitasking and reflexive stability work is essential. We need to move past the “voluntary only”…
TMP performance training for elite athletes

TMP Performance Training for Elite Athletes

#TMPATHLETES:   When you want the advantage and you go looking for help, do you get excited when you find “more of the same” or “completely different?” Welcome to – completely different! What are your goals? We have the tools. ▪️Health ▪️Performance ▪️Education     Follow us: on Instagram for more health and fitness educational…
the more elite the athelete becomes the more specific the training needs to be

Elite athletes require highly specialized training for elite performance

#TMPtipoftheday:   As the elite athlete progresses, it’s common practice to think that they need to workout harder and more. This is a catastrophic cultural trap that ends athletic careers prematurely. Elite athletes eventually reach a place in training that we call arrested development. They are good enough at the desired skill and more progress…
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