Celebrating our 3 Year Anniversary in Acton!



Wow! Today we celebrate our 3-year anniversary of opening our business in Acton, MA. Can you believe it’s been 3 years?

Anniversaries naturally make you reflect on your path to the present moment as well as your future plans. We wanted to share some of the highlights and memories from the last 3 years that shaped who we are as people and as a brand.

Being an entrepreneur comes with extreme highs and just as many lows. What makes us most proud is that we have handled both the highs and the lows with 100% determination – and that we have done this together, as a couple, without ever faltering!

Perhaps what makes us successful as two individual entrepreneurs coming together is that we have each other. We have had so many periods of growth and change that have challenged our commitment to our passions and to our business, but never to each other.

Our biggest period of growth and change was about a year and a half ago when we both decided that we needed a major change to how we operated our sessions. We weren’t satisfied with the results and we wanted more mental stimulation. We started an educational series on integrating concepts from applied neurology with movement and I started Acupuncture school. The risk was blatant as we watched ourselves lose clients who liked our original format.

There was about a 6-month period of, oh shit! But as we pushed on, determined and un-wavering with our intentions, we rebuilt our program as we had envisioned. We wanted a business that gets results and allows us to use our intellect and our creativity – this is brain-based fitness.

The most humbling part of this experience is the clients who have been with us since day one – 3 years ago. These people have grown and changed with us, placing their full trust in our intentions and aspirations. There is nothing more meaningful than being able to touch someone’s life in a purposeful way and having that same gesture returned simply by being present, every week or every month or every season, for 3 years straight. Thank you to our long-termers who have faithfully continued to show up!

And thank you to our newcomers, who discovered us over the last 3 years, for showing up with excitement and un-ending interest in our passions! Oftentimes you feel like colleagues who share the same love of movement and life. We look forward to many more fun and dynamic training sessions together!

Here is an interesting list of “Did you Knows” about the development of The Movement Project!

Did you know?

  • Did you know that 3 years ago, we were living with Taylor’s mom to support our dreams of a successful business? What a great mom J
  • We actually started sharing 1 client 4 years ago when we first started dating, which is what inspired our plans for working as a team.
  • We started out together trying to apply to various practices as a team, only to get frustrated that they wanted up to half of our income without providing clients to work with.
  • We received guidance from a colleague at the exact moment that we were ready to throw in the towel that completely transformed our business. Thank you Dr. Freddys Garcia!
  • We were on I-90 just before exit 17, traveling towards Boston when we thought of our business name, The Movement Project. That was 3 ½ years ago.
  • Alisha has built 3 different websites along our path before settling on the one we have now.
  • We have never officially advertised – 95% of our clients have been through word of mouth, so thank you!
  • The other 5% have been through social media, thank you Mark Zuckerberg, et. al.!
  • Taylor was actually involved in the design of the space we are in long before The Movement Project was even a dream. Thank you David Jack for building such a fun and dynamic space!

The years to come promise to be just as rewarding as the last 3 years! It will not be long before Alisha is integrating Orthopedic-style Acupuncture within our practice! We also have plans for the sale of products we are passionate about. Workshops, seminars, and classes are also in the near future. The Movement Project will continue to grow and change as long as we are alive because our desires to learn and our passion for sharing knowledge are interminable.

We leave you with virtual hugs and happy hearts as we celebrate our 3rd year anniversary in Acton.

Here’s to many more years of growth, change, perseverance, and determination as we continue to carve out our place in this world.

With all our hearts,

Alisha & Taylor