Corrective Exercise – The “Move it or Lose it” Truth

The “Move it or Lose it” truth …


Imagine that you have what we refer to as a “movement box” that surrounds your body. Everyones movement box contains your current ability to move. You may begin life with a pretty sophisticated movement box but over time, you encounter injuries, trauma and a more sedentary lifestyle. Your brain sends a pain signal to you and as a result, you are no longer able to move in a certain way that you once could. Your movement box shrinks a little bit. This happens again and again until the real estate of your movement box is quite small. At this point some people even develop fear to move and the degradation of your movement box continues. This is a very serious and real scenario that most people are dealing with today.

The body always adapts to exactly what it does! This can be good or bad depending on your habitual lifestyle practices. If you want to get results you have to start doing things differently than you did before. Our programs have a holistic approach with safety, quality and performance in mind. We are skilled in many different methods to help customize your experience.

Simple >>> Complex

You are about to embark on a very exciting journey with us and it begins right here with your Corrective Exercise phase! We believe that regardless of your ability everyone should start simple and work towards complex. This formula continues to deliver powerful results because it gives us a chance to really evaluate a whole person and their precise needs.

During the Corrective Exercise process you will learn the fundamentals of single joint mobility to enhance proprioception and coordination throughout your entire body. In doing this, you will begin to understand and appreciate even the smallest details of your movement and most importantly, how to execute with accuracy so that you will gain the most benefit from the exercises.

“The quality of your complex movements is determined by the quality of your smaller, more basic movement patterns. “ – Z Health Performance Solutions

Elite athletes, especially, can benefit from corrective level drills regardless of whether they are in pain or not. Most people have some kind of compensatory patterns in their body. Our Corrective Exercise phase is the perfect opportunity to work on these things and set the stage for developing better movement and minimizing risk of injury.

The two major goals of our Corrective Exercise process are:

  1. Restore Joint Mobility
  2. Reeducate Movement Patterns

sophie. ballet step

What is our strategy?

Did you know that most of your success with getting out of pain and moving better is determined by how well you listen to your nervous system? Have you ever been told by a professional to do an exercise that hurt or didn’t feel right? Many people are told that they just have to practice and work through it and it will go away. Moving into pain can cause many different types of threat responses and tells your brain that it is unsafe to move. Ignoring these signals during exercise is the worst thing you can do! In fact, it will cause your performance to crash and your risk of injury to increase. Have you ever walked away from a workout feeling tighter than when you showed up? This happens all the time in fitness! The ‘tightness” is a signal that you surpassed your neural edge. It’s all about keeping yourself in the “sweet spot” and not going to the place of diminishing returns. We can teach you how to do this!

We understand how to asses and communicate with your brain and nervous system. Making sure that you are in the “sweet spot” to maximize opportunity for long term structural improvement and reeducating and restoring pain-free movement.

Most approaches to mobility and fitness are too complex and integrated at first. This can be dangerous and you will miss out on developing many important prerequisites of movement.

Its time for change! Restore and Reeducate your personal movement architecture. We promise, you will benefit in more ways than you originally intended!

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