Here is what training post-ACL surgery looks like at TMP



After a total ACL reconstruction you have to ask the question, WHY?

What could have contributed to this injury?

The first thing I asked my athlete was to reenact his body positioning when he injured his knee.

He showed me that he was planting on his right leg and pivoting at a high speed to the right while trying to follow his opponent.

I assessed some of his basic visual/vestibular skills and sure enough, they were broken on the right side!

Especially when he was trying to balance on his right leg.

So here is what post ACL surgery training looks like at TMP, as we uncover the first layer to fixing a position-specific problem.

Every part of this drill is specific to the athletes neurology.

Even the strongest knee in the world won’t hold up to the demands of sport if your vision and vestibular systems aren’t speaking to your brain accurately.

Neurology is the bomb DOT com.

Taylor Kruse_5 reebokAbout the Author:

Taylor Kruse is dedicated to empowering you with the truth and tools for improved health and performance.

His inspiration stems from more than 10 years of education and coaching through systems like Zhealth Performance, The Burdenko Method, and various movement practices.



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