One, very fast way to add creativity to exercise program

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IMG_7819People contact me all the time and ask the same question – “how can I get more creative with my training?”

When I begin listing the endless variables people are overwhelmed but also very excited to discover how a simple element can bring back novelty, fun, purpose and results immediately!

To me, there are only so many possibilities with exercise.

The magic is in the creativity you can use to create the most learning for the brain.

So yes, take a few of your most recent skills or exercises and try them with your eyes closed.

This applies with sport movement also.

Within reason of course!

It makes no sense to make things dangerous.

Taking away visual information makes you realize how important vision is for movement.

But, removing it for a short time has value for improving proprioception, awareness and even balance.

People have a blast with it as long as it’s safe.

Just a simple and effective idea to add a creative layer to your training.


Taylor Kruse_5 reebokAbout the Author:

Taylor Kruse is dedicated to empowering you with the truth and tools for improved health and performance. His inspiration stems from more than 10 years of education and coaching through systems like Zhealth Performance, The Burdenko Method, and various movement practices.



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