Open House This Saturday, Oct. 29th!

Video Transcript:

Hey Everybody,

We are really excited to announce that this Saturday, October 29th from 10am to Noon-time we are hosting our very first Open House here at The Movement Project.

This is a wonderful opportunity for anybody to come in and ask questions about the work that we do, but also to experience it.

I’m going to be teaching a mobility class at 10am and will also be teaching people a little bit about our philosophy on movement. I’ll also be showing some really powerful vision and balancing exercises.

Additionally, Alisha is going to be talking about and demonstrating her new service called Auriculotherapy. If you’re unfamiliar, Auriculotherapy is essentially Ear Acupuncture. Different points on the ear correspond to different anatomical landmarks on the body. It can be used to improve health, performance, and decrease pain.

Our good friend Katie Gorczyca will be there. She is an expressive arts therapist and will be teaching her yoga class at 11am.

Now here’s the cool thing. Just for showing up the Open House you get:

  • 1 Free 15-Min Consultation with The Movement Project
  • 1 Free 30-Min Auriculotherapy session with Alisha
  • 1 Free 60-Min Yoga Class with Katie

We are really excited about it. This Saturday from 10am-12pm. Stop in, learn how The Movement Project is probably different from anything you’ve ever done before.

We hope to see you there!