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Taylor. Reebok photoshootReebokONE Features Taylor Kruse as an Expert Contributor and releases his first piece: Deep Water Running




Above is a short piece I did for ReebokONE about some of the many physiological benefits of using water as a medium for training.  I have had the pleasure of studying The Burdenko Method for the last 14 years. During that time I was fortunate to have learned from Grand Master, Tom Barbeau and Innovator, Igor Burdenko.

When it comes to performance work with athletes one of my main goals is to educate on different ways to include intelligent training into their lifestyle. In todays world young athletes are exposed to many different cultural traps which oftentimes hinder development and performance. As a young athlete in high school and college I personally was exposed to many of these traps and of course had to test them all out!

When I was just beginning my professional journey to better understanding what performance training really is, Tom Barbeau and Igor Burdenko were there for me to guide the way. Their tutelage and mentorship changed my thinking forever! Now I would like to do the same for others. In the video you will learn how to get started with Deep Water Running.

Some Benefits:

  • decompression of the spine
  • joint traction
  • accelerated tissue recovery
  • increased cardiovascular efficiency

To me personally, the water is a secret weapon for the athlete. A special medium that will recharge you and help you recover faster while working on certain aspects of your fitness!

To learn more about the benefits of Deep Water Running, contact us.

A big thank you to ReebokONE for providing a platform for experts to share their accumulated knowledge. This video was made for ReebokONE and for all of you.

Get moving and get your brain into it!

~Taylor Kruse

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  1. hello, I use deep water running for keeping fit and rehabilitation, I had a bad fall that resulted in me shattering both my talus bones off the force that my tib and fib pushed into my ankle joints. This resulted in many years of surgery. I started innovating in the local pool using the float to do a similar exercise to the one demonstrated in the video (I also used a straight leg cross country skiing simulation movement and a star jump exercise. After a year or so i then gave up on the float and now do the exercises without one . Over two years ago I had so much pain i could not walk without crutches so I had to have a double ankle arthodisis (ankle fusions) the method I had done was cutting out the damaged cartilage between the tib and fib and talus and fusing these bones together with the aid of external fixators. I have recently been signed off by my surgeon being told it was a success ( walking without crutches tells me it was a success). I am still doing these exercises in the local swimming pool and it has helped tremendously with my recovery program. I think it has helped a lot with me getting some feeling back in my feet which i have very little of. my ankles are starting to look a normal shape and the first ankle that was done has good left to right movement and i can see the second one that got done improving also. just to finish off I also use adult inflatable arm bands on my ankles to get resistance in the water. Yes I know you are probably thinking this guy must look mad to people looking on in the local swimming pool, but that’s probably how people looked a the first people who rode a bicycle.

    hope this helps others

    • Hi John, Very glad to hear about your success using water! Water is a very special medium for rehab and when used with the right application it can be very powerful. Sounds like you are making a lot of progress with it. And believe me, I get the same “looks” at the pool:) Check out our youtube channel for more ideas on water exercise –
      Have fun!

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