Rotational Power – An Essential Element for Sport

Rotational Power for SportPower lives in the transverse plane – Meaning “Rotational” Power. Think about sport – throwing, hitting, serving, passing, swinging, shooting, punching, kicking, changing direction and more. Rotational power is essential for all of these movements!

All of these actions begin with sensory awareness and contact with the ground.

What follows is an orchestration of graceful rotations at each independent joint as energy is transferred and released throughout the kinetic chain. If one has good mobility, motor control and coordination, the release of energy can reach full potential.

What about if these elements are lacking? You will still complete the task but perhaps with poor performance and even diminishing returns. We have all heard coaches say, “This time I want you to do it this way…!” What some don’t realize is that being able to adapt and change technique requires the ability to do just that!! An athlete must have the prerequisites of joint function in order to adapt and learn new technique. So breaking down skill is essential.

The video shows us that mobility and motor control of the greater toe, ankle, knee and hip are precursors to the task. I have athletes that come into see me and they cannot demonstrate the ability to circle their ankle with full range of motion or even lift their big toe from the ground. And these mobility/motor control issues always turn up in many other joints in the kinetic chain.

For maximum power potential it is extremely advisable to look closer at what is happening. Coaches, you do not have time to do this!! But you do have the knowledge and trust to get your athletes working with professionals that can analyze these intricacies.

Wouldn’t it be great if your athletes owned the skills to make the adaptations that you wanted!? Coachability comes from having the ability to adapt. And being able to adapt comes from learning how to break down complicated movements into simple drills.

Get moving and get your brain into it!

~Taylor Kruse

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