The positives and negatives of muscle testing as a diagnostic tool


muscle testing should not be a diagnostic tool


I love muscle testing.

I use it everyday and I find it very helpful.

If you are using muscle testing as a diagnostic tool I want to encourage you to look at it differently.

Here’s why – muscle testing is actually an output of the nervous system.

The primary job of the nervous system is to interpret sensory information coming in, decide what to do with that information and then create an output.

This means that the result of any muscle test is based on how accurate or inaccurate the persons’ brain is perceiving current sensory inputs.

If you are proficient in muscle testing, you can explore this for yourself!

Try muscle testing someone.

See what the result is.

Now change the input any way you want and retest!

What happened?

You will be amazed!

Have them close their eyes, have them listen to music in one ear, rub their skin on their arm, look to the right, have them position their tongue differently, try standing, versus sitting and laying down … it’s endless and you will end up with a ton of mixed results!

But, after trying this you will learn that reading deep into the results of any muscle test can lead you down a rabbit hole fast when you’re trying to help a client.

Muscle testing is best used as a communication tool between you and your client.

Using it as a reassessment to see how any given stimulus is perceived is much more appropriate.

So use muscle testing but be careful how much you let it dictate your client sessions and decisions.

We’re talking about the human nervous system.

A single muscle test means very little when you consider the persons’ whole neurology.

MovementProjectBW_Web-9About the Author:

Taylor Kruse, recently featured in Men’s Health, is dedicated to empowering you with the truth and tools for improved health and performance.

His inspiration stems from more than 10 years of education and coaching through systems like Zhealth Performance, The Burdenko Method, and various movement practices.

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