These 3 systems are key to understanding performance training


vision. vestibular. proprioception


The process of developing better health and performance is the process of becoming better at PREDICTING.

What’s this guy rambling about now!?

Your brain is always asking one question – Is this really safe!?

The way it determines the answer is by evaluating the information coming in from its 3 major “satellites:”

  1. The visual system
  2. The vestibular system
  3. The propreoceptive system.

If the information is not clear or accurate (sensory mismatch) the result could be some kind of performance problem and could include:

  • Pain
  • Weakness
  • Balance issues
  • Depleted energy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety … the list goes on.

At TMP, we assess the 3 satellites, determine which are underperforming and through fitness we speak to the nervous system with the goal of clarifying the information.

The healthiest version of yourself is the one that can predict the most accurately.

Taylor Kruse_5 reebokAbout the Author:

Taylor Kruse is dedicated to empowering you with the truth and tools for improved health and performance.

His inspiration stems from more than 10 years of education and coaching through systems like Zhealth Performance, The Burdenko Method, and various movement practices.



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