TMP ACL Recovery Training for Football Player



Adding layers of complexity for this football player and his recovery from ACL repair.

Oftentimes, recovery is unfinished and the athlete is left with a very high risk of repeating injury.

Integrating visual skills with high levels of multitasking and reflexive stability work is essential.

We need to move past the “voluntary only” movement template.

Additionally, learning to “feel” things again though extensive sensory work on the skin.

The goal is to clarify any existing blurry sensory and motor maps.

All the brains satellites need to be high functioning.

At TMP, no stone goes unturned.

Taylor Kruse_5 reebokAbout the Author:

Taylor Kruse is dedicated to empowering you with the truth and tools for improved health and performance.

His inspiration stems from more than 10 years of education and coaching through systems like Zhealth Performance, The Burdenko Method, and various movement practices.



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