TMP for All Ages and Abilities

It is so fun to see how our work can affect all ages and abilities.

With my 93 year old grandmother, celebrating my grandparents 70th wedding anniversary! And of course we threw in some brain-based fitness. 😜

She was complaining of pretty serious pain in both of her knees that was making it difficult to walk and stand up from a chair. In under 10 minutes we got her to a point where she could stand up 10 times and walk without knee pain.

Afterwards we watched her spirit completely transform as she returned to being her usual self – the life of the party!

It took two exercises and an auditory stimulus.

We started with mobilizing some nerves and then I taught her how to move her knees better. She was struggling with the coordination until I asked her to time her movements to a metronome and listen to the beat with her left ear (nerdy reasons for this) and all of a sudden her 20+ years of dance training was resurrected and she instantly started moving better!

We were all amazed at the final result.

Can a 93 year old brain change? Apparently as fast as anyones.