What is Brain-Based Fitness?


Hi guys, I’m Taylor Kruse from The Movement Project. In last weeks video blog episode I talked a little bit about what we do at The Movement Project and described how it’s probably different from anything you’ve experienced before. I mentioned the term “brain-based fitness” and while that sounds really cool, it’s important to me that you actually understand what I mean when I use it.

Brain-Based Fitness (BBF) is a term that we use to describe our approach to movement.

We are essentially taking concepts from applied neurology and combining them with fitness and performance training. In doing this we have been able to create some pretty exciting results with people!

One of the most important concepts to come out modern fitness research is the idea that not everyone responds equally to the same stimulus.

The stimulus is the exercise that a person is doing. So simply put, exercise that is good for me is not necessarily good for you. And doing exercise that is having a negative effect on your nervous system can create a negative outcome.

This is so important because we want people’s fitness efforts to give them more than it takes from them!

I think as a culture we have defined all exercise as generally healthy for a person.

Selecting the wrong exercise can be a major contributor to increased levels of pain and it can rapidly hinder your performance, especially if you are in a rehabilitation process.

Right now, the current statistic is that 42% of exercisers injure themselves each year. And there are reasons why this happens to people.

If you have ever worked with us before you know that we assess everything we do to make sure that your brain is interpreting the exercise the way we need it to in order to begin a learning process that will create long-term change.

This simple idea was absolutely the turning point for our business in terms of beginning to really help people on a much larger scale!

It’s really important to me that I educate people on this topic because I believe that if people can adopt more intelligent fitness practices that our health as a culture can increase dramatically.

Here are your next steps…

If you have questions about the work that we do, please email us – we will get back to you right away. If you don’t want to waste time, sign-up for a movement assessment. Come on in – I’ll take you through the whole assessment process and we can get started right away.

Stay tuned for the next video episode. I will be teaching you a simple way to begin assessing your exercise program so that you can start making better decisions about what your are doing!