What’s Holding you Back from Reaching your Health and Performance Goals?

{Video Transcript}

Hey Guys,

Taylor Kruse from The Movement Project.

It is always an ongoing struggle for us to come up with accurate words to help describe better what we do here at The Movement Project. That’s because what we do is very progressive and very different from what most people have seen or tried before.

All of our most loyal clients all say the same thing and that’s that they want to tell everyone about us and they know some specific people that they think would benefit from our work but when they go to describe it to them, they don’t know how.

We all laugh together about this because if you’ve ever worked with us before you know that sometimes the things we do feel like voodoo. That’s because some really simple drills and exercises can deliver some extremely powerful and fast results.

In an effort to help us all understand and describe The Movement Project better, I want to leave you with one statement that I hope you can remember, and that’s this:

At The Movement Project, we specialize in the stuff that you might not necessarily be able to see that could be holding you back from your health and performance goals. 

Stay tuned for future blog episodes where I’m going to give a little bit deeper explanation of this but also give you some reasons to why you might benefit from hiring us as your personal trainers or your coach.


Taylor Kruse