What do we do?

Are you looking for expert coaching and personal training that will teach you how to move well and keep you feeling great? Our 1:1 personal training sessions are just what you need! Whether you are an athlete at heart or just want to optimize your health and fitness we can help you. Our alternative approach is progressive, effective and fun!

            Personal training

  1. Movement education – learn to move safely, efficiently and gracefully
  2. Mobility restoration – restore joint range of motion and coordination
  3. Core conditioning – develop a bullet proof stable core
  4. Strength training – learn how to lift heavy loads safely and effectively
  5. Metabolic conditioning – turn your body into a fat burning machine


  • Pricing ranges from $150/session up through $225/session.
  • Variations in pricing options are based on package options and memberships.
  • Fill out our contact form to inquire more about our Movement Assessment and to set up your first session!

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Sport-Specific Training

Are you an athlete looking for a secret weapon? At the Movement Project we understand the complexities of improving performance and how important it is to incorporate intelligent training. Athletes begin with a comprehensive Movement Assessment. From there, we focus on training specifically to enhance your performance, catering our training for your individual sport. Here’s what our sessions offer you:

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Personal Training

We are leading the industry in offering personal training to individuals who want to train without pain, in a safe environment, with trainers who have over 10 years of industry experience.

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